I’m officially over it!

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I’m officially, unequivocally, undoubtedly, no kidding over it—-and there’s not one thing I can do about it except practice patience, at which I am terrible.  Yes, I’m over the kitchen/den remodel we are doing.  It started April 1.   Now if you are counting on your fingers, that’s three (3!) months without a kitchen.   Normally, that would make me do a happy dance not to have to cook all of the time.    BUT, after three months (3!) months, I’m ready to cook for an army for at least a week.   Eating out has become not a special thing, but a chore.   Friends and co-workers have been wonderful to bring us food and have us over to eat, which has been a saving grace. This has been my ‘kitchen’ for the past three (3!) months. Cute huh?  Don’t you like the mantel pantry? Well, today marked a huge milestone in this remodel.   The kitchen cabinets are all installed!!!!!    More on that in another blog because even though they are installed, they aren’t ‘cute’ yet.   But, here is a sneak peak. Here are some more random pics of the chaos—   Don’t you love our new porch decoration?!   Just needs some geraniums. Our old chimney was pulling away from the house, so we were going to have it jacked up.   Well, we were all surprised when the  jacks wouldn’t go into the ground because the chimney was built on top of an old, inground oil tank.   So, because our bottom line needed another hit, we had to REMOVE the ENTIRE chimney and fireplace.   Can you say ca-ching?!!!!   We now have a gas burning fireplace.  Now my husband doesn’t get to poke around in the fire anymore.   He’s kind of sad about that, but I think turning on the fire with a remote control will ease some of that sadness.  Here is the start of the new fireplace area. We ALSO found out our side porch was built with very little support, so we got an unexpected new side porch.   Our bottom line at this point was endless. All in all, we are going to LOVE IT.   Just need a bit more patience.                                                                                                                                    ...

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Sweet Birmingham wedding

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As promised, I have pictures of my niece’s wedding a couple of weekends ago.   I am hesitant to show them to you ’cause it makes my flowers look very ordinary. Hot House Design Studio in Birmingham did the flowers, and they are AMAZING!  Now granted, they are a big operation, not like just little ole’ me and my occasional helpers.  Sarah Kathryn wanted a rustic style wedding in just natural, neutral colors.   Instead of flowers at the church, they used this cross adorned with Russian Olive branches and other greens.   It was stunning in it’s simplicity.   The pew markers were simply bunches of rosemary tied with a cream ribbon.  And I really loved the boutinnerres—-lavender sprigs on top of a eucalyptus leaf and tied with twine.  So creative.   The reception was held in an old business and had the warehouse industrial feel. They transformed it into a lovely vision of rustic.  These Russian Olive branch wreaths met us at the front door.   The inside had crystal chandeliers and tulle draped which really jazzed up and softened the space.   SK’s bridal bouquet was so unique with a succulent centered in it.   The bridesmaid’s bouquets were simple bouquets of pink astilbe and greenery.   When Sarah Kathryn and her family were visiting with us during Thanksgiving, she rummaged around upstairs at the shop and took back a lot of silver and accessories to use for her wedding and reception.   Here are photos showing the uniqueness of each table and the use of the tarnished silver she borrowed. This beautiful arrangement was on a table next to the stairs that led up to the band and dancing.   The long pieces of Russian Olive to the left actually wound around the bannister going up the steps. This ‘arrangement’ blew me away.   I don’t think I would have ever thought of something so clever and such a clever way to fill a blank wall. I cannot believe it’s blurry!  Actually, I can but am so upset because it was fabulous.  There I am again—fail in photography. The cakes were made by Olexa’s—-a wonderful restaurant and bakery.   They were not only beautiful, and clever with the grooms cake, but they were DELICIOUS!!   I managed to get a quick selfie with the bride!   Not particularly flattering, but fun. Here are a few more random flower settings placed around the reception. Hope you enjoyed the wedding.   It served as a catalyst for me to think outside the box.   You can never learn to much!                                   Karan    ...

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Birmingham bridesmaid luncheon

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If you read my last post, you know that I was heading south for my niece’s wedding.  Sarah Kathryn’s wedding weekend was in Birmingham, which if you have never been there, you should go.   It is a lovely city.   So pretty and so full of wonderful places to shop and eat.   I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the fabulous planters and hanging baskets at The Summit shopping area.  They were so beautiful and creative.   I felt like a total gardening slacker.          Little did I know how much more of a slacker I would feel like after I attended the bridesmaid luncheon.   Oh my, the three gals that had it could have probably shown Martha Stewart a thing of two!   SO creative.  It was just lovely.  They have this new pergola off the front of their home which they decorated so cleverly by hanging mason jars with flowers and the cute banner with ‘Miss to Mrs’ on it.   I was already amazed and we hadn’t even gotten to the front door! This is how we were greeted at the front door! A grapevine wreath with tulle and SK’s new initials—-well her and her now hubby’s new initials.   How cute was that? I should probably tell you that Sarah Kathryn wanted a rustic, old fashioned look for the wedding.   She is quite an accomplished equestrian, having won many titles.   She grew up at the barn and, for years, she wore only flannel shirts and no makeup.   She needs no makeup at all, but now she is a Mary Kay rep working on earning her second car!  And she loves girly things…..lace, pearls, etc.   Anyway, as you will see here at the luncheon and at the wedding reception, this rustic theme was carried out.  Here is a shot from the foyer through the two rooms set for lunch. Lots of lace and burlap and silver and pink.   That’s her in the yellow standing with one of the hostesses and the homeowner. Here are some close ups of the tables.   Note the flower ‘container’ on the dining room table. If you can’t tell, it’s a pair of cowboy boots holding the flowers!   They also had taken a photo of SK and each bridesmaid and made a plaque for each one.  One of her friends and a hostess, monogrammed the napkins for her as a gift.  Look at the chargers they painted with chalkboard paint and made them into the place cards.     They used these vintage vases for the other table.   This was in the corner of the living area—-so clever.   And this was on the sideboard. All I could think of was, “I sure hope they don’t come to a party I give!”   I’m tired just thinking about the energy and creativity they expended.  AND, the food was good too! Many thanks to them for being included in this lovely luncheon.  In a blog coming soon, I’ll show you the wedding.   You won’t want to miss it!  ...

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Wedding season

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  Spring is really a lovely time for a wedding.  Hopefully the weather cooperates, the bride beams, and everyone is happy, happy, happy! So far this season, we have done two complete weddings and the bridal bouquet and corsages for a third one. This bride’s friend was helping out by doing most of the flowers for the wedding and reception. She asked me to do the corsages, boutonnieres, and her bouquet.  Her color palate was white/cream/peach/coral.   We ended up ordering some garden roses from California along with some ranunculas in her colors.   Thus her bouquet——–   We also had another wedding that day.  This bride wanted blush, cream and white as her main colors.   Her bouquet was simply blush peonies from California—perfect.   When the locally sourced flowers came in, the pink was hardly a blush but we made it work.   This is one of the two wreaths on the doors to the church. Here is the entrance to the country club where the reception was held.  The canopy poles were wrapped with mixed green garlands and twinkle lights.   The door had a white and pink hydrangea wreath.  In the lobby, this arrangement and candle assortment greeted guests.  As usual, sorry for the crummy pic 🙁 Here is one of the seating tables.  The cloths were a blush color.   We also used alot of mercury glass mixed with clear glass and silver. This arrangement was on a sideboard in a hallway which held family wedding photos. Our most recent wedding was nautical themed and was held at the Hampton Yacht Club.  Everything was navy, white and coral with oyster shells and driftwood thown in.   This is a sideboard located in the entrance to the dining room.  There was a book of Virginia photographs that guests signed as well as photos of the bride and groom as children.  We even had an old float to add to the mix.  On the wall was a cute banner that one of the bride’s friends had made.     Doing weddings is mostly fun, but it can be stressful knowing things may happen that are out of your control.   You just have to learn to roll with the punches! I am going to my niece’s wedding in Alabama this weekend, so I’ll have pics to show of how they do it ‘down there’.  The following weekend, we have another large wedding and another bridal party flowers only wedding.  More flower pictures to come!                                    ...

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One of three

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As you may or may not have noticed, I have been a blogging slacker.   I have three really good reasons.  The first is that my kitchen/den is undergoing demolition and it takes a lot of time to figure out what you want and find what you want.  Secondly, decorating responsibilities and the wedding season has arrived.  And, most importantly, the third reason is our first grandchild was born. Henry Watson Hund arrived April 7, 2014, at 9:51 a.m.  I’m just loving it all!  Henry is a name Allison, and her husband Jon, both really liked.  Watson is a family name on our side and, of course, his last name Hund is on his daddy’s side. This is Uncle Watson (our son with the family name) holding Henry Watson. One of the biggest decorating projects that has been going on was getting Henry’s room ready. All that Allison knew was that she didn’t want a ‘theme’—-cars, elephants, etc.   Her favorite color is aqua which worked for a boy nursery.   We all knew it was going to be a boy, but we didn’t know what his name was going to be.  (On a side note, Jon kept insisting that his name was going to be Magnum Danger—-thus my early name of Granny Danger!) OK—-I have to learn how to take better photos.   It is SO much cuter than these photos show.  The rug was the last thing we found.   It is an indoor/outdoor from Tuesday Morning.  It is good that it’s indoor/outdoor because they also have ‘fur’kids—3 dogs and a cat.   Willis, the cat, took a real liking to the new space.   In fact, we couldn’t finish it completely because he kept getting in the crib, the Moses basket, the chair, etc.   The ottoman is from Target.   Allison says it’s great for those 2 a.m. feedings.     The chest was one of my old ones that they ended up with and just painted.  The last thing we put in the room was the memo board that I made.   We couldn’t find one that we liked, so I made one.   Pretty easy to do by the way.  Thanks Pinterest! Here is a close up of the shelf over the changing table.   There is a bakelite chicken napkin ring that belonged to Henry’s great grandfather, Watson.   Notice a thread here?!  The baby in the frame is unknown—-it came with the frame.    Next up is this corner with the all important rocker/glider.   It was also at our house that we no longer could use because of the remodeling of the kitchen/den.  It worked out perfectly.   I found the cute cabinet and the lamp at a Homegoods in Mt. Pleasant, SC,  on a girl’s trip that I still haven’t blogged about either!  The precious little smocked outfit was made by a friend and was way to cute to hang in the closet!  The throw on the back of the chair was given to Henry by a friend and was the basis for pulling the room all together.   What you can’t see (again bad photographer here) are the photos in the frames.  They are pictures of Daddy Jon, and the two grand daddy’s, Pop Pop and Papa, in there high school/college...

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We’re still around

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You may have noticed there hasn’t been much blogging lately.   I have a couple of really good reasons—really! I always enjoy decorating my dining room table for the holidays and other occasions.  Here is my Easter table this year. I know you are really jealous.   Actually, one could have a really good Easter egg hunt in here!  We are remodeling, and this is where the things that haven’t made it to the POD have landed.   More in another post. The other reason for my lack of posts. Meet our new grandson, Henry Watson Hund.  Henry was born April 7, at 9:51 a.m.  He weighed in at 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long.  Allison and Henry are both doing well.  Needless to say, we are so happy and blessed to have him in our lives. More on the remodeling at home, on Henry’s nursery, on trips, etc., etc., etc.—-when I get a breather!  ...

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It’s been a month

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Well, it’s been a month since I posted and what a month of good things it has been!   Before I left town, I did some flowers for a wedding party.  The hostess likes to use her heirloom crystal compote which I was certainly happy to oblige!   We also wanted a little something in the foyer and the front door to welcome everyone.       The next morning I hopped a plane to Huntsville to visit my Mama.  Every time I visit, I am constantly amazed at that city.  It is such a pretty place with so many beautiful, old homes.  You may remember from a previous post, I like to take a morning “coffee tour” when I am there.  I go to Hardee’s and get myself a big cup of coffee.    Then I ride through the older neighborhoods and marvel at the incredible makeovers that have been done or that are in progress.  I didn’t get as many “tours” this time because my brother was also visiting, and he would go to Starbucks for the run.   I can’t go to Starbucks because there are too many options for me! Look at the fabulous details on the side of the carport and the porch rails.  All part of an addition to a little cottage house.  A-flipping-mazing! This is actually a new build in an older neighborhood.  Sometimes the older ones just can’t be easily salvaged.  I was intrigued by the architecture and the tiered landscaping.   And, of course, no visit would be complete without a visit to the Greenbrier.  Now I’m not talking about the fabulous, fancy one in White Sulphur Springs, WV, but the Greenbrier Catfish House in Madison, Alabama.  Screw the diet.  I CANNOT TURN DOWN THE HUSHPUPPIES!!!  So, just shoot me for being bad.  The picture was blurry probably because my hands were shaking in anticipation!!!! The main course!   Don’t judge—-it’s a staple of my life folks.   When I returned to town, I had another flower job—a dining room table arrangement for a seated birthday party. Excuse the outlet, I’m still working out the details on cropping photos! That’s all for now.  The March lion is certainly howling today.  I sure can’t wait to see that gentle lamb! Next time, I’ll tell you about the Charleston, SC, trip and more flowers.     Karan            ...

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Icing the cake

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We just finished furnishing bookcases, a display cabinet and permanent florals for a new assisted living facility here in Newport News.  The Huntington at the Newport opened this week.  It was designed by PMA architects here in Newport News.  The facility is lovely.  Great interiors, very well done, not stodgy at all. We were asked to do what I think of as ‘icing the cake’.  We did the last decorative layer on parts of the facility.  We have been fortunate to do the permanent florals in most of their facilities.  This time we got to also do some accessorizing. In the dining room, there was a cabinet to fill. The rooms had greens, blues and yellows.  We went with this. We didn’t want the cabinet to be too fussy.  I think this was just about right. We then moved to the second floor library space.  It is a cozy, comfortable place complete with a fireplace.  It had A LOT of bookshelves.  When you have A LOT of bookshelves, you need A LOT of books and accessories!   So, we started playing around with the shelf configurations creating two larger sections in each pair.   After opening open the spaces——— We started filling the shelves with accessories and books that we had collected from the shop.  It became apparent that even though we hauled in numerous boxes of items, we weren’t going to have nearly enough. The other side. So, what to do?  Go shopping of course!!!!   We went back to the shop to see if there was anything we had missed.  Then we headed to a couple of other shops to collect items.  But the problem?  We needed books, but Barnes & Noble wasn’t in the budget.  Then my brilliant daughter said, “We need to go to the thrift store.”  Bingo!!!!   We got about 80 more books from a couple of thrift stores.  And, I mean, they were good books!  And cheap!   Back at The Huntington, we added books and kept moving things around until we got it looking like we thought it should. The other side. The mirror was already there.  We added a few things on the mantel. The finished product! I think it turned out well.  There were some other things we did as well.  Except, of course, I forgot to photograph them.  Maybe next time!                                                                                                                       Karan ...

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Finally unsticking

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Well, as I am sure you know, the best way to get your house straight is to have someone over. That made me FINALLY pack my Christmas stuff away—yay me!!!!   So, my dining room table is finally clear.  Just in time to have a quick Valentine’s vignette.   I was going to start off with this, but I decided it was too spring-y looking.  Instead, I ended up with this. This one is a little bit bolder and more fun.   I also got other surfaces in the house re-done.  I don’t know why I put it off.  I think I just get tired of playing with my old stuff and think there is no way to come up with something different.   Here is piano top and mantel in the living room.  Which always begs the question—why do we have living rooms?  We use ours to sit in so infrequently, but do walk through it daily. Here is the mantel.  Not really thrilled with it, but it is what it is—-for now. This is the top of a chest in the ‘ya-ya’ room.  We call it the ya-ya because that’s where the ladies usually gather to have a glass of wine and visit. And, finally, here is top of chest at our side entrance.   So, getting unstuck is happening.  And, I haven’t been totally a slacker.  I have been doing other projects and tasks that aren’t photographable.   Will keep you posted....

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I’m stuck

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Yep—I’m stuck. I might as well be out there in the snow and ice—I am frozen. Not literally, but figuratively.  As you may have noticed, one thing I’m stuck about is blogging.  There is nothing I can come up with that I think folks may be interested in.  So, my sister-in-law suggested I blog about being stuck. I’m stuck with doing stuff around my house.  For example, I STILL haven’t managed to pack my Christmas stuff away. The dining room table has looked this way for three weeks!   I painted this chair, found the fabric, but have I taken the time to cover the seat?  Of course not! I was so excited to turn a bedroom into a multi-purpose room–the MPR for short.  It is going to be a wrapping, sewing/monogramming, painting, crafting, ironing room.  But, here again, I am stuck.   I did manage to re-do the mantel in the den.  You may remember, the den is a faux hunting lodge for my husband.  It has lots less stuff then before.  A less-is-more kind of look coming from a more-is-more gal.  Go figure.   Do you get stuck?  When I help people solve problems in their homes, that is what I do–-help get them un-stuck.  It could be anything from choosing a paint color to finally hanging the pictures.  The point is we ALL get stuck at one time or another.  However, it is way past time for me to launch!   Here’s to the icicles melting.   Will keep you posted.    ...

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