Karan has had a knack for decorating and design that can be traced back to her KD chapter room at Auburn, and she’s never looked back. For over 25 years, she’s been creating. Whether it be a room in someone’s home, flowers for a wedding, art on a canvas, or volunteering for numerous organizations, anything Karan touches is subject to her artistic and creative enthusiasm. She finally got smart (or crazy depending on how you look at it) and opened Rooms, Blooms & More in June of 2002.

After graduating from Clemson University, Allison decided to make a pit stop at home to help her mother figure out how to get a hold on the rapidly growing storefront. Instituting objectives such as using the computer to your advantage instead of letting it collect dust on the desk, diversifying the store soundtrack to include more than Rod Stewart and pushing her mother’s boundaries, Allison’s “pit stop” has turned into a 7-year stay.

Some highlights for those of you still paying attention at home; being mentioned as a “great place to shop” in Southern Living Magazine, helping to restore an old family home and turn it into a thriving B&B, Hornsby House Inn, and being nominated as a Retailer of the Year by Retail Alliance are just a few things we are proud of.

Together with a passel of friends that help run the shop, they are still learning and still creating. This is the place to come if you want to feel welcomed, if you want to buy furniture and accessories that don’t look like what everyone else has or hunt down something unique or old.

Oh yeah, the gals also do special occasion flowers, home decorating consults and design projects on the scale of a whole house or just helping you re-arrange your living room or pick out some paint colors. We would love to hear from you and figure out how we can help make your world a little bit more fun.