As promised, I have pictures of my niece’s wedding a couple of weekends ago.   I am hesitant to show them to you ’cause it makes my flowers look very ordinary. Hot House Design Studio in Birmingham did the flowers, and they are AMAZING!  Now granted, they are a big operation, not like just little ole’ me and my occasional helpers.

Sarah Kathryn wanted a rustic style wedding in just natural, neutral colors.   Instead of flowers at the church, they used this cross adorned with Russian Olive branches and other greens.   It was stunning in it’s simplicity.

The pew markers were simply bunches of rosemary tied with a cream ribbon.  And I really loved the boutinnerres—-lavender sprigs on top of a eucalyptus leaf and tied with twine.  So creative.

The reception was held in an old business and had the warehouse industrial feel. They transformed it into a lovely vision of rustic.  These Russian Olive branch wreaths met us at the front door.

The inside had crystal chandeliers and tulle draped which really jazzed up and softened the space.

SK’s bridal bouquet was so unique with a succulent centered in it.

The bridesmaid’s bouquets were simple bouquets of pink astilbe and greener.

When Sarah Kathryn and her family were visiting with us during Thanksgiving, she rummaged around upstairs at the shop and took back a lot of silver and accessories to use for her wedding and reception.   Here are photos showing the uniqueness of each table and the use of the tarnished silver she borrowed.

This beautiful arrangement was on a table next to the stairs that led up to the band and dancing.   The long pieces of Russian Olive to the left actually wound around the bannister going up the steps.

This ‘arrangement’ blew me away.   I don’t think I would have ever thought of something so clever and such a clever way to fill a blank wall.

I cannot believe it’s blurry!  Actually, I can but am so upset because it was fabulous.  There I am again—fail in photography.

The cakes were made by Olexa’s—-a wonderful restaurant and bakery.   They were not only beautiful, and clever with the grooms cake, but they were DELICIOUS!!

I managed to get a quick selfie with the bride!   Not particularly flattering, but fun.

Here are a few more random flower settings placed around the reception.

Hope you enjoyed the wedding.   It served as a catalyst for me to think outside the box.   You can never learn to much!