Well, it’s been a month since I posted and what a month of good things it has been!

Before I left town, I did some flowers for a wedding party.  The hostess likes to use her heirloom crystal compote which I was certainly happy to oblige!

We also wanted a little something in the foyer and the front door to welcome everyone.

The next morning I hopped a plane to Huntsville to visit my Mama.  Every time I visit, I am constantly amazed at that city.  It is such a pretty place with so many beautiful, old homes.  You may remember from a previous post, I like to take a morning “coffee tour” when I am there.  I go to Hardee’s and get myself a big cup of coffee.    Then I ride through the older neighborhoods and marvel at the incredible makeovers that have been done or that are in progress.  I didn’t get as many “tours” this time because my brother was also visiting, and he would go to Starbucks for the run.   I can’t go to Starbucks because there are too many options for me!

Look at the fabulous details on the side of the carport and the porch rails.  All part of an addition to a little cottage house.  A-flipping-mazing!

This is actually a new build in an older neighborhood.  Sometimes the older ones just can’t be easily salvaged.  I was intrigued by the architecture and the tiered landscaping.

And, of course, no visit would be complete without a visit to the Greenbrier.  Now I’m not talking about the fabulous, fancy one in White Sulphur Springs, WV, but the Greenbrier Catfish House in Madison, Alabama.  Screw the diet.  I CANNOT TURN DOWN THE HUSHPUPPIES!!!  So, just shoot me for being bad.

The picture was blurry probably because my hands were shaking in anticipation!!!!

The main course!   Don’t judge—-it’s a staple of my life folks.

When I returned to town, I had another flower job—a dining room table arrangement for a seated birthday party. Excuse the outlet, I’m still working out the details on cropping photos!

That’s all for now.  The March lion is certainly howling today.  I sure can’t wait to see that gentle lamb! Next time, I’ll tell you about the Charleston, SC, trip and more flowers.