Yep—I’m stuck. I might as well be out there in the snow and ice—I am frozen. Not literally, but figuratively.  As you may have noticed, one thing I’m stuck about is blogging.  There is nothing I can come up with that I think folks may be interested in.  So, my sister-in-law suggested I blog about being stuck.

I’m stuck with doing stuff around my house.  For example, I STILL haven’t managed to pack my Christmas stuff away. The dining room table has looked this way for three weeks!

I painted this chair, found the fabric, but have I taken the time to cover the seat?  Of course not!

I was so excited to turn a bedroom into a multi-purpose room–the MPR for short.  It is going to be a wrapping, sewing/monogramming, painting, crafting, ironing room.  But, here again, I am stuck.

I did manage to re-do the mantel in the den.  You may remember, the den is a faux hunting lodge for my husband.  It has lots less stuff then before.  A less-is-more kind of look coming from a more-is-more gal.  Go figure.

Do you get stuck?  When I help people solve problems in their homes, that is what I do–-help get them un-stuck.  It could be anything from choosing a paint color to finally hanging the pictures.  The point is we ALL get stuck at one time or another.  However, it is way past time for me to launch!   Here’s to the icicles melting.   Will keep you posted.