I’m officially, unequivocally, undoubtedly, no kidding over it—-and there’s not one thing I can do about it except practice patience, at which I am terrible.  Yes, I’m over the kitchen/den remodel we are doing.  It started April 1.   Now if you are counting on your fingers, that’s three (3!) months without a kitchen.   Normally, that would make me do a happy dance not to have to cook all of the time.   BUT, after three months (3!) months, I’m ready to cook for an army for at least a week.   Eating out has become not a special thing, but a chore.   Friends and co-workers have been wonderful to bring us food and have us over to eat, which has been a saving grace.

This has been my ‘kitchen’ for the past three (3!) months.

Cute huh?  Don’t you like the mantel pantry?

Well, today marked a huge milestone in this remodel. The kitchen cabinets are all installed!!!!!    More on that in another blog because even though they are installed, they aren’t ‘cute’ yet.   But, here is a sneak peak.

Here are some more random pics of the chaos—

Don’t you love our new porch decoration?!   Just needs some geraniums.

Our old chimney was pulling away from the house, so we were going to have it jacked up.   Well, we were all surprised when the  jacks wouldn’t go into the ground because the chimney was built on top of an old, inground oil tank.   So, because our bottom line needed another hit, we had to REMOVE the ENTIRE chimney and fireplace.   Can you say ca-ching?!!!!   We now have a gas burning fireplace.  Now my husband doesn’t get to poke around in the fire anymore.   He’s kind of sad about that, but I think turning on the fire with a remote control will ease some of that sadness.  Here is the start of the new fireplace area.

We ALSO found out our side porch was built with very little support, so we got an unexpected new side porch.   Our bottom line at this point was endless.

All in all, we are going to LOVE IT.  Just need a bit more patience.