We just finished furnishing bookcases, a display cabinet and permanent florals for a new assisted living facility here in Newport News.  The Huntington at the Newport opened this week.  It was designed by PMA architects here in Newport News.  The facility is lovely.  Great interiors, very well done, not stodgy at all.

We were asked to do what I think of as ‘icing the cake’.  We did the last decorative layer on parts of the facility.  We have been fortunate to do the permanent florals in most of their facilities.  This time we got to also do some accessorizing.

In the dining room, there was a cabinet to fill.

The rooms had greens, blues and yellows.  We went with this.

We didn’t want the cabinet to be too fussy.  I think this was just about right.

We then moved to the second floor library space.  It is a cozy, comfortable place complete with a fireplace.  It had A LOT of bookshelves.  When you have A LOT of bookshelves, you need A LOT of books and accessories!   So, we started playing around with the shelf configurations creating two larger sections in each pair.

After opening open the spaces———

We started filling the shelves with accessories and books that we had collected from the shop.  It became apparent that even though we hauled in numerous boxes of items, we weren’t going to have nearly enough.

The other side.

So, what to do?  Go shopping of course!!!!   We went back to the shop to see if there was anything we had missed.  Then we headed to a couple of other shops to collect items.  But the problem?  We needed books, but Barnes & Noble wasn’t in the budget.  Then my brilliant daughter said, “We need to go to the thrift store.”  Bingo!!!!   We got about 80 more books from a couple of thrift stores.  And, I mean, they were good books!  And cheap!

Back at The Huntington, we added books and kept moving things around until we got it looking like we thought it should.

The other side.

The mirror was already there.  We added a few things on the mantel.

The finished product!

I think it turned out well.  There were some other things we did as well.  Except, of course, I forgot to photograph them.  Maybe next time!