Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are such a great way to make sense of single pieces of art.  It can be a haphazard wall or a very symmetrical one.  This is one from Pinterest that I think of as a true gallery wall.




This is an interesting gallery wall of old mirrors—especially good in a stairwell.


How about this for a clever new technique—hanging pictures on pictures.

Here are a few shots of gallery walls in a client’s house.  She enjoys collecting art on a humble to a grand scale.  She has this great Palladian window which works well for adding art as it is collected.

This side of the window is the ‘floral’ side largely dictated by the huge piece on the right.  The subject matter and colors went together well.

Here is a shot from the other side of the window.   This side is more muted and contains several landscapes.

She had more art, so we continued down the hall.  This is at the end.  Only four pieces with plenty of space to add future purchases.

I’m not sure that I have any hard and fast rules.  Some people like to organize by frame color.  Some by subject matter.  There are some great gallery walls of just silhouettes.

I just usually go with my gut and what I think looks best.  But, if you are squeamish about holes in your walls, this may not be for you—or for the man in your life who about faints when there is an ‘unnecessary’ hole.   (And we all know that what we are hanging will probably cover up the extra hole.)  Or if he, or you for that matter, like to measure.  The only time there is a need to measure is when perfect symmetry is needed.  I had a client that had a series of Duck Stamp prints (40+)—-which I called in a professional installer for.  That is way too much math for my head!

If you are tired of looking at what you have hanging, take it all down, play with different layouts on the floor, and throw it back up in a new way.   It’s a great, and cheap, way to freshen up what you have.  It’s also a good excuse to go find some other pieces to go with what you have.