Well, as I am sure you know, the best way to get your house straight is to have someone over. That made me FINALLY pack my Christmas stuff away—yay me!!!!   So, my dining room table is finally clear.  Just in time to have a quick Valentine’s vignette.

I was going to start off with this, but I decided it was too spring-y looking.  Instead, I ended up with this.

This one is a little bit bolder and more fun.

I also got other surfaces in the house re-done.  I don’t know why I put it off.  I think I just get tired of playing with my old stuff and think there is no way to come up with something different.

Here is piano top and mantel in the living room.  Which always begs the question—why do we have living rooms?  We use ours to sit in so infrequently, but do walk through it daily.

Here is the mantel.  Not really thrilled with it, but it is what it is—-for now.

This is the top of a chest in the ‘ya-ya’ room.  We call it the ya-ya because that’s where the ladies usually gather to have a glass of wine and visit.

And, finally, here is top of chest at our side entrance.

So, getting unstuck is happening.  And, I haven’t been totally a slacker.  I have been doing other projects and tasks that aren’t photographable.   Will keep you posted.