I’m Officially Over It


I’m officially, unequivocally, undoubtedly, no kidding over it—-and there’s not one thing I can do about it except practice patience, at which I am terrible.  Yes, I’m over the kitchen/den remodel we are doing.  It started April 1.   Now if you are counting on your fingers, that’s three (3!) months without a kitchen.   Normally, [...]

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Sweet Birmingham Wedding


As promised, I have pictures of my niece’s wedding a couple of weekends ago.   I am hesitant to show them to you ’cause it makes my flowers look very ordinary. Hot House Design Studio in Birmingham did the flowers, and they are AMAZING!  Now granted, they are a big operation, not like just little ole’ [...]

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Birmingham Bridesmaid Luncheon


If you read my last post, you know that I was heading south for my niece’s wedding.  Sarah Kathryn’s wedding weekend was in Birmingham, which if you have never been there, you should go.   It is a lovely city.   So pretty and so full of wonderful places to shop and eat. I couldn’t resist [...]

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Wedding Season


Spring is really a lovely time for a wedding.  Hopefully the weather cooperates, the bride beams, and everyone is happy, happy, happy! So far this season, we have done two complete weddings and the bridal bouquet and corsages for a third one. This bride’s friend was helping out by doing most of the flowers for the wedding and reception. She [...]

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One of Three


As you may or may not have noticed, I have been a blogging slacker.   I have three really good reasons.  The first is that my kitchen/den is undergoing demolition and it takes a lot of time to figure out what you want and find what you want.  Secondly, decorating responsibilities and the wedding season has [...]

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We’re Still Around


You may have noticed there hasn’t been much blogging lately.   I have a couple of really good reasons—really! I always enjoy decorating my dining room table for the holidays and other occasions.  Here is my Easter table this year. I know you are really jealous.   Actually, one could have a really good Easter egg [...]

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Icing the Cake


We just finished furnishing bookcases, a display cabinet and permanent florals for a new assisted living facility here in Newport News.  The Huntington at the Newport opened this week.  It was designed by PMA architects here in Newport News.  The facility is lovely.  Great interiors, very well done, not stodgy at all. We were asked to do [...]

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I’m Stuck


Yep—I’m stuck. I might as well be out there in the snow and ice—I am frozen. Not literally, but figuratively.  As you may have noticed, one thing I’m stuck about is blogging.  There is nothing I can come up with that I think folks may be interested in.  So, my sister-in-law suggested I blog about being [...]

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