If you read my last post, you know that I was heading south for my niece’s wedding.  Sarah Kathryn’s wedding weekend was in Birmingham, which if you have never been there, you should go.   It is a lovely city.   So pretty and so full of wonderful places to shop and eat.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the fabulous planters and hanging baskets at The Summit shopping area.  They were so beautiful and creative.   I felt like a total gardening slacker.

Little did I know how much more of a slacker I would feel like after I attended the bridesmaid luncheon.   Oh my, the three gals that had it could have probably shown Martha Stewart a thing of two!   SO creative.  It was just lovely.  They have this new pergola off the front of their home which they decorated so cleverly by hanging mason jars with flowers and the cute banner with ‘Miss to Mrs’ on it.   I was already amazed and we hadn’t even gotten to the front door!

This is how we were greeted at the front door!


A grapevine wreath with tulle and SK’s new initials—-well her and her now hubby’s new initials.   How cute was that?

I should probably tell you that Sarah Kathryn wanted a rustic, old fashioned look for the wedding.   She is quite an accomplished equestrian, having won many titles.   She grew up at the barn and, for years, she wore only flannel shirts and no makeup.   She needs no makeup at all, but now she is a Mary Kay rep working on earning her second car!  And she loves girly things…..lace, pearls, etc.

Anyway, as you will see here at the luncheon and at the wedding reception, this rustic theme was carried out.  Here is a shot from the foyer through the two rooms set for lunch.

Lots of lace and burlap and silver and pink.   That’s her in the yellow standing with one of the hostesses and the homeowner.

Here are some close ups of the tables.   Note the flower ‘container’ on the dining room table.

If you can’t tell, it’s a pair of cowboy boots holding the flowers!   They also had taken a photo of SK and each bridesmaid and made a plaque for each one.  One of her friends and a hostess, monogrammed the napkins for her as a gift.  Look at the chargers they painted with chalkboard paint and made them into the place cards.

They used these vintage vases for the other table.

This was in the corner of the living area—-so clever.

And this was on the sideboard.

All I could think of was, “I sure hope they don’t come to a party I give!”   I’m tired just thinking about the energy and creativity they expended.  AND, the food was good too!

Many thanks to them for being included in this lovely luncheon.